Publicity and Promotion

Drowning Squirrels will prove to be an easy book to promote. The media, from radio and television to newspapers and magazines, all look for true-life accounts of strength and resilience in which an ordinary individual overcomes and perseveres against the odds of pain and personal tragedy. Since it deals with universal issues of familial bonds, mother/daughter relationships, issues of parenting, and discovering one’s own distinctness and subjectivity, many people in the world can relate to the story depicted in this narrative.

Marina DelVecchio, a former high school English teacher with five years of experience as an Adjunct Professor on the University level, has a firm background in speaking publicly to a wide range of audiences and is quite at ease in front of crowds. She is available and eager in promoting this personal project for it will give a voice to the many adopted children who find themselves silenced and unhappy with their new families. She plans to speak at local bookstores, libraries, schools and universities as an advocate of the adopted child and her many unique challenges. She will also present her story on book tours and readings at adoption agencies throughout the United States as there is a prevailing market of resources on national and international adoption. To reach the many individuals interested in or personally affected by adoption, Ms. DelVecchio can share her story with the millions of readers of magazines such as Adoption Today, Exceptional Parent Magazine, Adoptive Families, and Alternative Family Magazine, to name a few. Of the large circulation mainstream magazines, Psychology Today, Parenting, O The Oprah, and Family Circle are also likely targets.

In addition, she has created a platform for her work using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a blog to introduce the parenting and adoption issues covered in her work to the many individuals established via this social network vehicle. Marina has has constructed and author’s website for her articles and excerpts of her work related to parenting, adoption, and motherhood, and pre-pubescent girl empowerment.  She is a contributing writer and Administrative Editor for the WM Parenting Connection, and has had her work featured on She Writes, syndicated by BlogHer and EzineArticles, published on The New Agenda and Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents.

A strong and educated advocate of both children’s welfare, adoption, and issues of modern-day motherhood, Marina DelVecchio will devote her full time into finding a literary niche and a wide audience for Drowning Squirrels, for she deeply believes in its potential and its empowering message.

Copyright© 2010 by Marina Delvecchio. All Rights Reserved.

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